The Tour de France is only a few days away. It sort of crept up on me this year. One of those, “oh man the Tour starts next week.” I try to catch the live coverage every day. That means scheduling life around the Tour. If I am travelling or staying in a hotel I need to know if they get OLN ahead of time.
The TDF Blog, the Paceline and CyclingNews will become daily reading (often repeated stops). CyclingNews’ live coverage page becomes the homepage on my Blackberry browser.
Frank Steele sends word that Sirius will be doing a daily podcast from le Tour. Frank also linked to this graphic this morning.


It was an insert in the The Oregonian newspaper in Portland, OR. The graphic was designed by Mark Friesen. You can get the full details here.
I don’t plan on ‘blogging’ the Tour unless there is something I really need to say. Once things get going I will put up some links to the other sites/blogs I have been reading.

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3 Responses to Arranging Life Around the Tour de France

  1. Kevin M. says:

    Boy your TDF post really echoes my life. The Tour has also snuck up on me and the next 3 weeks of my life will revolve around it. Thank god for the internet and blogs so that I can stay up to the minute at the office.
    BTW, small world you consult for us and them I find out you also like to ride. Interesting.
    Kevin M.

  2. Barry Friedman says:

    Just so you’ll know, Josh, there’s a local tie to the Oregonian graphic. Mark Friesen was a features page designer and then design editor at The Ledger about 15 years ago. We worked together on our two Gulf War Extra editions. I was in charge of content and Mark did the page design.

  3. Mark Friesen says:

    Thanks for the link! A minor point: Steve Cowden and Michael Mode actually did the page. I really had nothing to do with it other than reading it over their shoulder a few times (I’m the resident bike geek) and linking to it on my weblog.
    Barry! Howareya! Cripes, please don’t tell me it’s been 15 years! Hey, by the way, I thought you guys did a bang up job on your hurricane front pages and weblog last year. Hope everyone came through it safe.

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