Blast From the Past: Beaker!

On August 20, 2007, in Stuff, by Josh Hallett

Walking around the toy store at Downtown Disney I ran into an old friend, Beaker, from the Muppets. Many old memories from the childhood :-)


Beaker was one of my favorite Muppets, along with Animal. Who is your favorite Muppet?


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  1. Sarah Wurrey says:

    Beaker!! I looooved Beaker. But I think my heart belonged to the Swedish Chef. Oh, Pepe the King Prawn from the “Muppets from Space” movie. Hilarious.

  2. Karen says:

    Definitely those two grumpy old men heckling from the balcony.

  3. Dave C. says:

    I agree with Karen — hands-down Statler and Waldorf.

  4. Scott H. says:

    I have to say Statler & Waldorf with Gonzo coming in a close second.
    My dad did a great impression of the Swedish Chef, aaaah childhood.

  5. Houck says:

    Choosing any favorite other than Grover is simply un-American.
    Think about it:
    Oscar? Too grouchy.
    Big Bird? C’mon, he’s a bird.
    Bert & Ernie? Three’s a crowd.
    Kermit? He’s a reptile, fer crissakes.
    Snuffleuffagus? To goddamn big.
    Sam the Eagle? Too Republican.
    Miss Piggy? Too vain.
    Cookie Monster? An allegory for our voracious appetites if there ever was one.
    Grover is the uber muppet. His body is of undetermined origin. He has flaws. He gets frustrated. He has a superhero alter-ego. He’s terrible at food service. His arms are scrawny enough to make a kid feel comparitively strong. And he’s got a funny voice.
    It’s not even close. Grover in a landslide.

  6. Jon SIlk says:

    The lynchpin of Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem’s very genius.

  7. Jon Silk says:

    Sometimes you have to know when to stop surfing YouTube.
    I don’t know how to feel.

  8. Kelly King says:

    Miss Piggy and Kermit…together.

  9. Kris Keprios says:

    That is messed up…they had Beaker, but no Dr. Bunsen Honeydew? Beaker was just the sidekick, Dr. Honeydew was clearly the brains behind the operation.

  10. Chris Husein says:

    Gonzo!! By a landslide! Common, anyone who likes to get shot out of a cannon is pretty sweet.

  11. Benet Wilson says:

    This is a tough one. My 2-year-old daughter would force me to say Elmo, if she was here. But I have her stashed away west of the Mississippi, so I can give my own answer.
    I’m with Kris — there was just something about Dr. Honeydew that appealed to my childish side. Big Bird would be second.

  12. Junior says:

    The sesame street puppets entertained my children and myself after Caption Kangaroo,and Mr.Greenjeans retired. I was so happy when some one used puppets as a learning tool for children,that is what we are lacking now in our elementary schools. I am very partial to puppets as I showed puppets-Joe and George was a 15 minute skit on discrimination and respect at a child’s level,because the 1-5 grades are the most flexible years to learn about differences in other people-mostly from their home life and their friends,and respect and tolerance,played a very important factor. My girlfriends very favorite puppet was Miss Piggy so it made it very easy to buy her a gift for any occassion,since she was married we bought Kermit for her husband.

  13. jen lemen says:

    oh janice. and the organic refreshments.
    the muppet movie is still a favorite around here.

  14. Ryan Price says:

    Wow, Josh. You managed to maybe hit on my favorite topic of all time.
    My favorite Muppet is anything done by Jim Henson, but Rowlf the piano-playing dog is up there.
    Jim did Dr. Teeth, Ernie, Link Hogthrob (captain of the swinetrek), The News Announcer, Guy Smiley and Waldorf, not to mention Kermit and scores of others.
    There’s a great book called “It’s not easy being green” which I refer to as “The Tao of Kermit” containing a lot of Muppet-related quotes and philosophies. Jim knew he wasn’t just making puppets dance, and he talked about it often enough for them to make a little book out of it.
    If you’re really a puppet fan, the 3rd Annual Orlando Puppet Festival is coming up in the fall, absolutely worth checking out.

  15. Mistie says:

    Hands down, Miss Piggy. Beautiful clothes, always rubbing shoulders with celebrities, and constantly eating anything she wants without anyone blinking an eye – it’s my fantasy life come true!
    And let’s face it, in a bar fight Miss Piggy would sooo have your back – Kermit, not so much.

  16. Marijean says:

    Swedish Chef, bork, bork, bork! Have you ever seen this app? It’s a Swedish Chef converter:

  17. Noosa says:

    Has to be the Sweedish chef.
    I find myself going around the house singing his little song from time to time (Boik, boik, boik!).
    I love it.

  18. Luke says:

    Floyd. He was the bass player in the band. Nobody is cooler.

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