Business Travel Celebrity Sighting

On January 28, 2009, in Travel, by Josh Hallett

Only a few people are going to sympathize with this, but I recently had a business travel celebrity sighting last week. I was in Terminal E at ATL when I notice a flight attendant walking along and I said to myself, he’s in Delta’s safety video. I walked up and asked, and sure enough it was him.

Delta Flight Safety Video Capture

We chatted briefly. He was arriving from Amsterdam, I was in from Chicago. He did say that since the new video has come out that he does get recognized quite frequently, mostly from Medallion level fliers though.


6 Responses to Business Travel Celebrity Sighting

  1. Adam Weeks says:

    Did his tooth sparkle at you?

  2. Josh Hallett says:

    No I spared him that comment :-)

  3. Hi Josh, Awesome weblebrity sighting! Perry also produced a behind the scenes look at Amsterdam here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VYOzlIGYP9c&feature=PlayList&p=2425B3F1C4CF4749&index=6 Check it out if you have a minute!

  4. Dave C. says:

    Did his teeth twinkle when he smiled, like in the video?

  5. Dave C. says:

    Duplication fail.
    Man, this was sitting in a tab with 0 comments when I last viewed it. Guess I should have refreshed before I chimed in.

  6. Peter Kim says:

    Nice! I’m flying too much Delta Connection these days to actually run into Toothman or Deltalina. But I’d definitely stop and get my picture taken with either – a Medallion thing, I guess.

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