Dell Uses My Photo in Facebook Social Media Campaign

On February 17, 2009, in Photography, by Josh Hallett

Checking out Facebook on Saturday afternoon I noticed a photo/ad on the right side of the page that looked rather familiar. It was a small ad for Dell’s new Facebook fan page dedicated to social media:

Dell's Social Media Ad

Clicking through the ad you’ll see the larger photo which is used as the cover-shot of the intro video.

Dell's Social Media Facebook Page

The photo is of Bob Pearson from Dell and I took it at last year’s WOMM-U event in Miami, FL. Here’s the original shot:

Bob Pearson - WOMM-U, Miami, FL

Photo geeks will notice that I have a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license on the photo.

How can Dell use the photo in this way? Well, last year Lionel Menchaca asked if he could have a number of shots I had taken of Dell staff at conferences for their use….I said no problem.

It’s kinda cool to see my shot used like that.


5 Responses to Dell Uses My Photo in Facebook Social Media Campaign

  1. Good for everyone. Headlines like this one usually introduce a complaint about unauthorized use, so your ending was a pleasant change of pace (not exactly a surprise that you and Lionel handled it well, though).
    It’s certainly nice to see your photography succeed.

  2. Bob Pearson says:

    Josh, thanks for your post. Lionel is a great person to work with and appreciate you mentioning your conversation with him. I really enjoyed WOMMA and would speak there again in a minute. Had many energizing conversations outside of the main talks. Walked away from Miami with many thoughts on what we can do next.
    Again, appreciate your photo and your willingness to partner.

  3. John Mallen says:

    Josh, next time they should use a picture of you. BTW you did a great job with the brewry site

  4. I just came across a feedback site that Dell is hosting which deserves some recognition. They have basically taken the Digg model and applied it to customer feedback. While many companies are using weblogs to talk directly to their customers, including Sun, I have yet to see any of them provide an publicly accessible website where customers can post any suggestion, no matter how unflattering, and let others vote on them. Give Dell some credit – it takes some guts to let your customers publicly discuss your shortcomings in an effort to find out how you can serve them better.

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