Formula 1 Season Starts…With an American Driver

On March 11, 2006, in Formula 1, by Josh Hallett

f1logo.gifI’m excited that the 2006 Formula 1 season officially starts tomorrow in Bahrain. What’s unique about this season is that there will be an American driver on the grid for the first time since 1993. California native Scott Speed is one of the drivers for Scuderia Toro Rosa Rosso (for those who don’t speak Italian, that’s Team Red Bull).
What’s important is that US viewers and media keep their expectations in check. Scott is driving for the former Minardi team. Red Bull bought Minardi at the end of last year and operate them as a second team under the name Scuderia Toro Rosa. For Scott to complete his inaugural race would be an achievement.
Unfortunately, many in the US don’t follow F1 and don’t know all the issues involved. So look out for your local TV sports guy to say ‘American Scott Speed failed to win his first F1 race’. The fact that he’s even driving the car is a huge achievement.
USAToday has a good introductory article about Scott.

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4 Responses to Formula 1 Season Starts…With an American Driver

  1. Josh
    I didn’t know you’re an F1 fan, cool. It was great meeting you at New Comm.
    My buddy DJHowatt is a F1 fan as well, (and also a Marketing guru), Here’a a link to his blog.
    Just connecting birds of a feather.
    check him out at

  2. DJHowatt says:

    Hi, Josh,
    I agree with you completely on Scott Speed. Very talented and very fortunate just to get into F1. By looking for him to carry the flag, we must also look out for him by giving him time to learn the highest level of a very difficult sport. Though I dare say that most TV sports guys won’t even notice the race, let alone Scott’s debut.
    I just finished watching the race and it looks like Nico Rosberg is a major talent already. Looks like this will be a very competitive season with old guard and young guns tossing out suprises for us.

  3. Guy says:

    Hi Josh,
    I think you meant “Toro Rosso” as “Toro Rosa” translates as ‘pink bull’.

  4. Josh Hallett says:

    Guy, you’re right…fixed it.

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