Heading to ATL

On September 25, 2006, in Blego, Face to Face, Travel, by Josh Hallett

I’ll be in Atlanta till Wednesday. First stop is Auburn University for some time with Robert French’s students. On Tuesday I’ll be leading a panel for IABC at lunch then it’s off to the blogger dinner that night.
Still need to do some BlogOrlando wrap-up though. That’s for the plane.

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4 Responses to Heading to ATL

  1. Sally says:

    Glad to hear that you’ll be visiting the Loveliest Village on the Plains! It’s great that those PR students will get to hear your input on social media, etc. As a former Auburn PR student, I’m sorry that I won’t be there to hear it! War Eagle!

  2. Hey Josh,
    Thank you very much for speaking with the students. I have heard wonderful reviews, as always.
    Your insights were very valuable. I’m always thrilled when the students can hear real world examples of social media in action.
    You are always welcome in Auburn, Josh. Thanks again and War Eagle!

  3. Rachel M says:

    Thank you for speaking to our class yesterday. Your real world experiences really helped give us insight on what we might experience.
    We are doing all this social media and we are told that it will help us when we graduate. You have helped us see that it really will help.
    Thanks again it was great to hear what you had to say. War Eagle!

  4. Elizabeth Wood Rodgers says:

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to meet with our Style and Design class! I was in the Foundations of PR class two years ago when you came to speak to us also. It was fun learning about what you do and how you can learn something new every day. What you do is very interesting and it is something that is rapidly changing how we do things. I love looking at what you have to say each day also on your blog. Thanks for teaching us some valuable skills we can use in our classes and thank you for your tips! I am looking forward to your posts and thoughts each week. Thanks again for coming to AU! War Eagle and Go Gators!

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