How Much More Will We Pay for CLEAR?

On June 26, 2008, in Travel, by Josh Hallett

I’m a fan, Tom’s a fan, so is Anil. But the big question now is how much will the rate increase be?

In an e-mail to members, CLEAR CEO Steve Brill broke the news that a price increase will be coming:

This fall, Clear’s price will increase. It’s a price that reflects the rapidly expanding value (and cost to us) of the Clear network.

However, we do not want current Clear members like you, who supported us from the beginning, to have to bear the brunt of these costs.

Renew now for up to three additional years of Clear at the current price of $128, which is significantly less than we will be charging this fall.

The key line in that snippet is: significantly less than we will be charging this fall.

How much is significant? Double, triple? The service is worth what I pay now and sure it’s great that I can lock in three years at a reduced rate, but……how much?

P.S. I also get a bit squirrelly when a service offers the option to pay for large amount of time upfront, i.e. how’s your cash-flow?


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