I Apologize to My Wife

On September 4, 2007, in Stuff, by Josh Hallett

Please accept this as my formal apology. Over the weekend our DSL modem from Verizon died. I asked my wife to call Verizon and see about getting it replaced. Once again I apologize.

I think the ordeal took most of her afternoon today, and it’s still not resolved. To set the stage, the DSL modem does not power up. I swapped out power supplies and switched outlets, no luck. It’s dead. We were also one of the first in our area to get DSL, something like 6 years ago.

She calls and talks to one person, then another, then another. I’m overhearing bits and pieces of the conversation. Here are some highlights:

- At one point the tech says, here is the issue, you might not have DSL service since you’re not paying for it. My wife responds, “Looking at my bill, we’re being charged $35 for ‘Advanced Data Services’….” Oh yeah, that’s it, never-mind.

- The tech asks, “Have you tried the other phone lines in the house?”….Hello, the modem is dead, changing phone lines isn’t going to make a difference.

- Verizon says they need to test the circuit, can we plug the modem in. If you remember the modem is dead, not sure how plugging it in will help you test it.

- It turns out our DSL circuit is so old they actually need to upgrade it to get us a new modem. That’s 1-2 days.

More updates as this story develops.

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5 Responses to I Apologize to My Wife

  1. Alex Rudloff says:

    If you find yourself in Orlando, I have an extra DSL modem I can loan you.

  2. An apology much deserved. No on, no one, should have to call telcom customer service.

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t ask you to reboot the computer (maybe that’ll make the modem lights turn on?). Modern ISP support seems to be based on the idea that any problem is the user’s fault.

  4. Kevin says:

    8001 S Orange Blossom Trl – address of the Apple Store. They have devices there that you can plug in and have up and running in 5 minutes. ;)

  5. Jake McKee says:

    I almost hate to mention this, but…
    I’ve been REALLY happy with my Verizon FIOS. It’s sweet. No problems so far…knock on wood.

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