Last week during my trip to Indianapolis I was able to go one other special place besides the RCA Dome. This was something really special for me as a racing and Formula 1 fan. I was able to get on the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, not driving though, walking. The pictures below are: 1. Right on the track surface of Turn 1 which has a 9 degree banking 2. Me on the famous Yard of Bricks. Cool stuff.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway, IN

On the Bricks - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway, IN


2 Responses to It’s Kind of a Big Deal (to Me) – Visiting the Bricks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  1. Bob Schultz says:

    You have trod where few men (and women) have gone before! Such hallowed ground. One questions — did you kiss the bricks? I assume so since you call yourself a true fan!
    Good meeting you and hosting you in Indy, Josh! See you in December…

  2. Robin Capper says:

    Must be great to be there. In spite of the rubbish slow in-field section it’s a real pity F1 has left indy.
    I’ll be up in a few hours to watch the finale in Brazil :-)

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