Jake McKee – Dictator Guy?

On February 27, 2007, in Social Networks, by Josh Hallett

Jake McKee is one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to community. The name of his blog is Community Guy, so I make a joke with the Dictator Guy headline.…is that domain taken?
It’s with a sense of interest/humor that I read over his recent dealings with a spirited community advocate about the relationship between corporations and a community of users. The debate started on another blog with some interesting discussion:

The Community Guy wants a community he literally owns in which the slaves work happily for him for free creating intellectual property that will attract more slaves in a virtuous circle, until The Community Guy is filthy rich.

Jake opens up the debate on his blog and in the comments.
My take? A community is something that benefits all involved. If a company/organization is doing nothing but treating the community members as ‘slaves’ then why would the community members stick around? People continue to contribute to a community because they feel they’re getting something out of it. What they’re getting and how rewarding that ‘get’ might be is relative to the individual. I may look at one example and say, “Why are you doing all this for that?” But to that individual that reward might be just what they want. Who am I to judge?
What are your thoughts?


3 Responses to Jake McKee – Dictator Guy?

  1. Jake McKee says:

    I think the thing that this guy is arguing is that we’re so caught up in our “wealth bondage” that we’re not enlightened enough to understand that “helping companies” by “giving up my IP rights” is a huge issue.
    Personally, I think this may be over thinking the philosophy a bit.

  2. sherry heyl says:

    it is going to be really hard for corporations to change and be part of the community if the community keeps resisting them. That is a real struggle for me. How can a company do the right thing for the people who are so critical of them when those same people are critical of them being in the community. Also, the point you (Josh) make about “People continue to contribute to a community because they feel they’re getting something out of it.” is the whole freewill thing. The side who calls the participating community “slaves” are not supporting the freewill of participation. Instead they want to condemn people to a hostage state of not participating by their own freewill. I may be rambling here…but I am always amazed when people are doing the exact same thing that they are accusing others are doing or inhibiting the change they claim to want to make.

  3. As a Dungeon Master to the Stars who frequent Wealth Bondage, I agree, Sherry. They are addicted to pleasure and pain. They pay me good money to beat them. Who are we to judge?

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