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On July 1, 2005, in Blogging, Cycling, LiveStrong, Tour de France, by Josh Hallett

Lance Armstrong’s Bike Blog is back in action. The first post of 2005 came yesterday in advance of this year’s Tour:

Here we go again, Lance and I rolling through France, for the final time. In 24 days, I’m hanging up my spokes from competitive cycling. From then on, I’ll be relegated to being Sheryl’s personal bike. Not that having Lance’s sweaty behind on my saddle hasn’t been great, but I’d much rather ride into the sunset with Sheryl. That’s something to crow about.

The blog is part of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper web site and was run last year as well. There is no RSS for the blog, but I did leave a comment asking Mr. Madone if he was planning on adding a feed.
This blog did get some mention during the famous ‘Character/Fake Blog Meme’ of 2005.

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