Leaving the Voce Nation

On October 6, 2014, in Social Media, by Josh Hallett

After almost eight years I’m sad to announce that I’m leaving Voce Communications. I’ve had an amazing experience working some of the best and brightest in the industry. I’m fortunate to call many of my former co-workers good friends, and I’ll miss them dearly.

There are so many high points over my time at Voce that it’s hard to call out some over others. That said, there are two things I’m extremely proud of.

Disney Parks

Disney Parks Blog

Our work with Disney Parks and Resorts started almost eight years ago and debuted with the launch of the Disney Parks Blog over five years ago. Since then, the blog and associated efforts have become a key component of the Disney Parks digital ecosystem and a driver of true ROI. The Disney Parks Blog is consistently listed as one of the best corporate blogs and it’s only getting better.

Working with the Disney Parks team has given this Disney fan behind-the-scenes access and some amazing experiences. Nobody does events like Disney. Just as much as I’ll miss my Voce colleagues I’ll also miss the friends I’ve made at Disney.



Another massive part my career at Voce has revolved around PlayStation. When I joined Voce one of my first projects was to help design and launch the official PlayStation.Blog. We think it’s the most-read corporate blog in the world, but it’s hard to verify that.

Building on the runaway success of the PlayStation.Blog the next challenge was international expansion. For a while London was my second home as we built and launched the PlayStation EU Blog and then associated French, Italian, German and Spanish blogs. We built a global process for content creation and management. The program now spans the globe and is one of the best models of a global social initiative.

Both of these projects always made me proud to look at the output and say, “I helped build that!”

Along the way I’ve worked with some amazing friends: Mike, Dave, Chris, Christopher, Beca, Nick, Jeremy, Pete, Sean, Scott, Ashley, Heather, Andy and so many more that used to be part of the Voce family but have moved on to other things. Thank you for everything.

What’s next?

New Winter Haven Publix

Very soon I’ll start at Publix Supermarkets as their Digital Marketing Strategist. While I’m sad to leave Voce I’m going to an organization that is near and dear to my heart and beloved in our community.

People that know Publix usually say one thing, “I Love Publix!” I love it as well, and it’s one of the reasons the opportunity was too good to pass up.

More to come.


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