Luggage Lust – Tumi T-3 Ducati

On October 10, 2007, in Stuff, Travel, by Josh Hallett

When you travel quite a bit things like luggage become really important. Especially if you never check bags. Serious travelers know that you never check bags. Not checking a bag has saved me a number of times.

I’ve been using my trusty Briggs & Riley carry-on for the past few years, but I’m really lusting after the new T-3 Ducati series from Tumi.

Tumi T-3 Ducati

Nice. Anybody is free to buy this for me and send it my way :-) I’ll let you know my address. I ended up buying it for myself right before Christmas :-)

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2 Responses to Luggage Lust – Tumi T-3 Ducati

  1. Jake McKee says:

    Wow, that looks really nice. I like the garment sleeve.
    Interesting how they size it by number of days on the trip.

  2. Josh,
    I’m not sure about the buying it for you part…
    But, I’ve been using a Tumi computer bag for 18 months. The absolutely best designed, constructed, durable, functional computer bag I’ve ever had.
    I too lust after the Ducati carry on . And just as soon as my American Tourister gives up the ghost, I’m going to buy one.
    Do you think that Tumi would give us a two for one deal?

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