Observations on The Wii Search

On December 3, 2007, in Stuff, by Josh Hallett

Ah yes, the fun of searching for a Wii. Charlene Li recently posted her tips, but I have some observations:

Grandparents Always Win:

In my searches I have often found the ‘opposition’ to be grandparents, they have some significant advantages over the regular Wii-searcher

1.They’re retired so they have plenty of free time to wait and search and wait.

2. If you watch Wal-Mart commercials, most of them work there, so they have the inside scoop on the next shipment.

3. Waiting is what they normally do at the doctor’s office, so waiting for a Wii is ‘fun’.

4. They’re kinda cute and remind you of your grandparents, so you can’t get mean with them.

5. They may be old, but they’re crafty, remember they won WWII.

Where are Logistics and RFID?

The retail world is supposed to be digitized/automated/controlled/tracked, etc. Major retail chains brag about how efficient their systems are and the inventory control they command. Yeah right.

Call any store and they have no idea when any Wii’s are arriving. “We get them when we get them.” Really? That’s the inventory control that made you one of the largest and most profitable retailers in the world?

Ask them how many 195/85 15H tires they have and they’ll have an exact count though.

Find One?

Seriously did you find one? Buy it for me :-) Nevermind, I got one!

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One Response to Observations on The Wii Search

  1. Chris Gent says:

    We bought our son a Wii last Christmas. I ended up buying it from a guy on eBay. He was a NASA engineer living in Titusville (about 30 miles east of Orlando) and he and his son buy up electronics at Christmas time every year and make them available on Ebay. Yes, I paid a bit more than I would have at Target or Wal-mart, but we scored major points with our son for having the gift that everyone wanted.

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