Ohhh Flickr

On May 16, 2012, in Photography, by Josh Hallett

Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Plenty of discussion around Flickr recently, kicked off by Gizmodo’s in-depth ‘history’ of Flickr. Thomas Hawk also posted his detailed thoughts as a significant user and a outspoken critic of Flickr. All of these articles spurning plenty of comments and discussions across various social channels.

I agree with Thomas’ viewpoint that while there is plenty wrong, there is still plenty of good left in Flickr. As Mat pointed out in his article I too have seen the conversion of Flickr to an Instagram archive, but there are still plenty of dedicated, passionate photographers using the service. Like many of those folks I still see revenue generated from my photos on Flickr. That’s always a nice thing.

Moving forward my biggest concern is the integrity of my photo archive. I currently have over 26,000 images on the service and the thought of moving/losing them is tough to fathom.

I love Flickr through good times and bad. I hope they make it, I want them to make it. However, I’ll be spending time looking at alternatives.


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