So much for a ‘soft launch’ – Outdoor Life Network (OLN) launched a new web site today to correspond with the start of the Tour de France. There is also an all-new OLN logo as part of the re-branding. On-air coverage of the Tour features the new look as well. I would have probably soft-launched the new site yesterday or perhaps the day before.

Screenshot of the new OLN Web Site

The chatter in’s Forum is that the site is not fully operational yet:

I can’t believe the decided to do a major overhaul of the site on the day of the TdF! Is it working for anyone else?

Update: Velochimp has some more technical notes about the new OLN site.
Update 2: This is strange, works, but gives you this:

Screenshot of OLN's new web site at 1:20 PM EST

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4 Responses to OLN Launches New Web Site for Tour de France

  1. Scott says:

    Put in where you expect to find it and all you get is an error. Not only that but the #$%&! tv coverage has had quality problems too.

  2. Josh Hallett says:

    Yep, does not work, but does.

  3. I saw that earlier (the crazy broken page code) — someone’s good idea backfired, eh?
    As for the design, anything is an improvement on what they had yesterday. Sheesh. What was up with that? Had they not touched their design since they started 10 years ago?

  4. Albert Kinderman says:

    If you go to the newsflashes for a day’s event, the news is not sorted by time! 15:36 followed by 17:21 by 16:33 by 15:42 and so on. The page is totally worthless. I am sticking to (english translation).

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