Social Media Index Top 30 – Great, Now I Can Sell Out

On July 18, 2007, in Blego, by Josh Hallett

David Brain of Edelman Europe recently created a ‘Social Media Index’ of the top 30 blogs in the social media space. The index took into account traditional blog metrics and other ‘social’ metrics like Twitter, Facebook, etc. At the end of the day, this blog was ranked 12 out of 30. The list also included friends and colleagues like: Jeremiah, Jeremy, Shel, Stephen, David and Constantin.
What does this mean? Not sure, it’s just another list. Maybe I can finally sell out and retire.
I’ll look to receive my paper certificate that I can hang on my wall :-)


6 Responses to Social Media Index Top 30 – Great, Now I Can Sell Out

  1. What does bidding start at?

  2. SOLD!
    Oh come on man, we should probably add 5 zeros

  3. Chris Scott says:

    Certificate? C’mon, you know it will be a web badge :-)

  4. David Brain says:

    Certificates . . . brilliant. Just off to the printers.

  5. Fiver Zeros, Jeremiah? You gotta drop the Kool Aid. Seriously.
    Congrats, but like you, not sure what it means. If only they did a blog button!!

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