Taking a Different Path

On October 15, 2007, in Blego, Social Media, by Josh Hallett

Some friends have noticed some hints in my blog posts recently, something about a change. Well a change has been made. On October 1st I joined Voce Communications as a New Media Strategist. I’m really stoked to be joining a great group of friends, specifically the social media team of Mike Manuel, Andrea Weckerle and Scott Sigler. As part of this Voce expansion we’re also launching the Voce Nation blog. The Voce Nation will be the collecting point for all the shared knowledge of the team.

Joining Voce

This move has been in the works for some time, officially and un-officially. Officially in the sense that Mike Manuel and I really started talking about it in July of this year. Un-officially in the sense that I’ve been working with Voce for almost two years on projects.

What happens to Hyku? Well two things, first off Hyku has become my personal brand and will remain as such, but the focus will change. You may notice a slight design update to this blog, well that’s part of the change. I’ll still continue to post here on all types of subjects (plus photography), but I’ll reserve much of my serious social media posts to Voce Nation.

Second, as a company Hyku will not being going away (just yet). I still have a number of clients that I will continue to serve. I will also continue many of my speaking engagements, I’ll just be wearing a Voce hat during most of them.

Are you moving? Nope, I’m staying in Florida. What’s been great about working with Voce over the past two years is that much of what I do can be done remotely. I will be taking more trips to San Francisco and Palo Alto though.

I’m excited that I’ll be working more with great clients like Sony and Yahoo to name a few.


52 Responses to Taking a Different Path

  1. Jeff Risley says:

    Outstanding. A powerhouse free agent meets a powerhouse social media shop. Great combination. Good luck, Josh.

  2. Josh,
    sounds like you’ve found the sweet spot of mutual opportunity with this firm. Kudos to all. Hope you continue to blog about the transition to working “for” a company.
    - Kare

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