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Over at work we’ve been using Radian6 for quite a while for a variety of clients. Yesterday we sent out one of those ‘announcement’ releases, but more importantly we put up some information on our approach to social media monitoring and measurement.

As part of the monitoring/Radian6 content, I created a series of screencasts on Radian6. You can check them all out here. The first one is shown below:

Radian 6


2 Responses to Talking More About Monitoring and Measurement

  1. Josh,
    Your screencasts and Voce’s Radian6 page are a superb resource that speak well to Voce’s leadership in understanding and using this tool for your clients.
    I too have subscribed to Radian6 and think it’s a great tool. However, I’m having trouble justifying the monthly charge to clients. A single profile maintained over the course of a year would cost a client $6,000. That’s more than pocket change.
    How are you clients reacting to the cost of this service?

  2. Steve N. says:

    Who designed your website. I’ve always liked it.
    I know its on Movable Type but who created the frontend look/feel?

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