Yet another Tour podcast. This one is produced by the Discovery Channel Cycling Team and features Dan Osipow calling in twice a day with updates from the Tour.
The podcasts are less than three minutes long and are recordings of Dan calling in via phone. The quality is a bit rough so far, but I think that’s a result of calling via cell from Europe.
For those that are new to podcasts, Team Discovery even has a quick guide to get you started. It even has instructions for adding the podcast to iTunes, so they are on top of things.

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  1. Josh,
    Saw your comment on Just Riding Along today and then clicked to your site and was very impressed. Clearly, judging by your blog comments being very cycling oriented, it would appear you are a cycling fan. I’m very glad that you stopped by JRA and poked around a little. Hopefully you’ll swing by again and add to the dynamic of conversation there. Also, maybe you’ll poke around in the blog I maintain for Masi Bicycles as well.
    Thanks for visiting JRA and please stop by again some time.
    Tim Jackson
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