That 2009 Thing

On January 1, 2009, in Blogging, Social Media, by Josh Hallett

New year, and so new resolutions….how cliche…but appropriate. Mike tweeted about this earlier, and it’s been on my mind as well. How will I use (or more appropriately, re-use) the social media tools at my disposal.

This blog has been somewhat stale with the last post coming a over two months ago. And up till then, much of the posting had been about photography and travel. Two things that took up much of my time in 2008.

Like many other folks, I found the true dialogue going on over at Twitter.

Moving forward I plan to spend some more time here, mostly to share what I’ve seen and learned over the past year. Working at Voce, specifically developing and executing social media strategies for some large brands has been an amazing opportunity.

Mostly it’s to rise above the chatter, too much of that going on. People talking and talking, but not really doing anything client-wise (and going into a company for a one-day seminar on ‘what is social media’ doesn’t count in my book).

Everybody is a social media consultant these days :-)

Time to take it up a notch folks.


5 Responses to That 2009 Thing

  1. Looking forward to reading what you have learned. Doing is real work, and mostly unsexy, or not as sexy as talking about it – just like many other things in life.

  2. Jake McKee says:

    Funny you mention this. I’ve been realizing lately that my irritation threshold for people talking and not doing has gotten pretty small lately; much smaller than even a few months ago. It’s funny that the people actually doing are so busy doing that it’s hard to get them to share, unlike the people who share like mad yet aren’t doing much real work. Funny how that works.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you this year!

  3. David Parmet says:

    We all have to pick up our collective blogging pace if for no other reason than to stand up above the crowd.

  4. Kami Huyse says:

    I am always interested in hearing what you have to say. Twitter has made us a little lazy I think.

  5. Kevin Dugan says:

    I assumed you would resolve to commit yourself to hashtags in 09. Hmmm…

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