The 4×4 Meme

On February 4, 2008, in Blego, by Josh Hallett

Sometimes memes are good…they get you writing again. Peter Kim tagged me with the 4×4 meme. So here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

- Greens mower at a local golf course (first real job)

- Waiter at Backporch Restaurant (second real job)

- Olive Garden host (college job)

- Champion Chip Timer

Four TV Shows I DVR: (Sadly I don’t have a DVR, but these are shows/things I seek out)

- 30 Rock

- The Office

- Formula 1 Racing

- Tour de France Coverage

Four Places I’ve Been (in 2007):

- Space Needle

- St. Louis Arch

- Millenium Park

- USS Alabama

- Indy Speedway

- RCA Dome

- Niagra Falls

Yes, I know more than four, but I travelled quite a bit in 2007.

Four Favorite Foods:

- A sandwich from Mama Dilo’s

- Moe’s burrito with tofu

- Grilled cheese from Dish D’Lish

- Just about anything from Cafe Latte

I’m going to go in a few different directions with my tags: Chuck, Barry, Rex and Sarah.


4 Responses to The 4×4 Meme

  1. Travis says:

    Wow – you don’t see Mama Dilo’s mentioned in a lot of posts.

  2. Wait! You forgot the Holiday Inn in Athens, Ga.

  3. Chuck says:

    I answered…in my way.

  4. Adam Weeks says:

    I tried a Tofu Taco at Moe’s Friday night and I have to say it was quite tasty! It was all thanks to this post.

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