The Era of Social Media Specialization

On August 28, 2007, in Blego, by Josh Hallett

All professions mature and a level of specialization occurs. In some case you’re almost forced to choose a path.
With my consulting I’ve been involved with a number of ‘specialized’ fields. I’ve done work with newspapers, corporations, PR firms, ad agencies and CVBs (think tourism). I enjoy working with all of them and the variety definitely allows me to see how social media is impacting a number of industries in unique ways. It also provided a perspective of the landscape that is unique. Similar to how an analyst can look over a number of businesses in the same space. People I know are already drifting towards specialization, it might be legal, medical, non-profit, etc.
I think I need to focus on a few select types of work to improve myself, the question is which direction? Changes are coming and I’m looking forward to it.


2 Responses to The Era of Social Media Specialization

  1. Mistie says:

    If you abandon your work with PR firms, there will be a collective wail rising up from St. Louis, Portland and Charlottesville as Standing Partnership-ers sob over our keyboards.
    Seriously, the PR industry needs a great deal of guidance with social media right now. Some firms are riding the learning curve like a Ferrari, but let’s be honest – there also are more than a few Gremlins sputtering down the track. There’s a lot of talk about social media in the PR world, but not a lot of firms are turning the talk into success for their clients. Collectively, we need to be pushed into action.
    Don’t make us beg – PR people can be pretty dramatic – before you know it, we’ll be acting out the climactic scene from “Shane” – come back, Josh, come back! :-P

  2. Ike says:

    You’re always ahead of the game when you:
    - chart your own path
    - invest in others
    You’re two for two.

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