Fred Wilson describes why Posting, Subscribing and Tagging are the three things that blogging is all about for him. It’s all part of the new read/write web (you know Richard MacManus has done a good job branding himself when you can’t write read/write without thinking of him)

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4 Responses to The Three Pillars of the Read/Write Web

  1. :-) aha, so my plan to be ‘the Nike of blogs’ is beginning to work…

  2. Josh Hallett says:

    So you employ a large group of over-worked and under-paid children in Southeast Asia to write your blog?

  3. No, just one over-worked and under-paid blogger in New Zealand :-)

  4. TechCrunch says:

    Web 2.0 This Week (July 31 – Aug. 6)

    Web 2.0 Weekly Wrap up
    July 31 – August 6
    A lot happened in our web 2.0 world this last week. Lots of new data was published by Dave Sifry and Technorati, additional work was done on the definition of “web 2.0�?, as well as lots of other develo…

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