I could do a long, detailed recap of Gnomedex, or I could just point to Randy Stewart’s great comic version. Good stuff.
One of the folks I’ve been running into quite at conferences is Kris Smith. Of course it’s hard to miss Kris, he has a unique look :-)
If you look at the photos below you can see there is a difference. One is casual-conference-goer-Kris, the other is serious business-man-out-on-the-town-Kris. But which one is the real Kris Smith?

Which is the Real Kris Smith

Kris is a podcaster by nature so of course he was doing quite a bit of podcasting from Gnomedex. He talked to a number of folks including me. To listen to the podcast you can click here. We talk about conference photography, development and a number of other fun topics.


4 Responses to Will the Real Kris Smith Please Step Forward

  1. Kris says:

    I am not sure which Kris I like more. The covert coder nerd of the devilishly handsome vc type.
    Thanks for the laughs Josh!

  2. Amber says:

    The real Kris Smith is the one who helps me set stuff up!

  3. Josh Hallett says:

    Amber: He’s wearing a coat in that photo as well.

  4. Thanks for the shout out for my cartoon…(saw a link come in today, strangely)
    I’m surprised that you and I haven’t actually met given that we’ve photographed some of the same events.
    Hope you are doing well and maybe we’ll meet at some conference coming soon.

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